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“I couldn’t help myself” – a new single from Adina Even-Zohar


A week ago. Message from Adina: “Hi Nana! I’ve just finished my newest single from my upcoming album. Let me know what you think.”

Another amazing story of my life. And another evidence that our life is totally unpredictable…

Gotham Square Pizza

I was sitting and eating pizza in a Gotham Pizza in 3rd Avenue. I love their ” Grandma Square Pizza” with homemade marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella. Besides, I always look through the big windows and watch the little cottage house on the roof of the building across the street.

3rd Avenue New York

So I put little white headphones into my ears and I opened the link. The first impression: one of these songs pushed away from us by more noisy and stronger ones. The music that needs its own private audience. What is quite similar to the wine market. Hundreds of “easy” and “trendy” bottles. Marketing, promotions, and, on the opposite side, the bottle your friend told you about. The new single from Adina is exactly like this bottle. You are curious, you taste it slow and carefully, looking for flavors, thinking and taking another sip…

I threw a paper plate into a bin and started to go toward Union Square. Looking at my phone and passing people who were in a rush as always… Feeling like walking between two worlds or taking a part in a movie, cause the melody suited perfectly to my pace. Simple vibes that can’t leave your mind…

And the words. Adina’s. Mine. Yours. Telling the truth, everybody could admit these are his/her words. All of us “couldn’t help ourselves” once. Twice? Many times? And how often we “tried not to look for signs”? And then again. And again… From one point of view, it’s not good. We should close one door to open the new one. We shouldn’t ignore the truth and live in our imagination. From the other side though, we get old, wise, logic. We make our lives organized, cleaned, fixed. Boring. Dull. And suddenly we are thrown into a situation we can’t help ourselves… It’s strange, non-mature, devastating, stupid… But: it’s fresh. It’s joyful. It’s full of air. As in the notebook shown in a video. For a moment we feel like being at school: we want to draw flowers on a sheet of paper, fly with a balloon or dive under the water. We feel like jumping among the clouds or standing in front of a rainbow… We feel young and happy! And the life is very simple, just like the melody in this song.

Walking through the crowded Manhattan and listening to Adina, I thought also about Antoine de Saint Exupery and his Little Prince:

“All grown-ups were children first. But few of them remember it.” Unfortunately.

We can’t change other people to make this world better. But we can find a child inside ourselves and simplify our life sometimes.




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