Langmeil Freedom 1843 Barossa Shiraz
Story of Freedom Shiraz from Lagmeil Winery.
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Langmeil Freedom 1843 Shiraz, photo by Maciek Cichon


The story of Freedom and Langmeil Winery from Barossa Valley


The secret to happiness is freedom. And the secret to freedom is courage.



Coming to Australia

In 1836 thirty-six years old Christian Auricht escapes from Silesia and arrives in Australia. He buys a piece of land in the Barossa Valley for his leftover money. All the belongings of Christian’s family can be placed on one small cart. But they are happy. They dared to leave everything THERE and set out on a journey into the unknown. Now they are HERE. And they are free.

Village of Langmeil

They start working at once. The first blacksmith’s and shoemaker’s workshops along with the first bakery are established. There is also a well, which begins its heartbeat. It is a meaningful heartbeat–not only of the village of Langmeil–but also of the whole region. A road, which goes through Langmeil, connects mining towns, and the wanderers always stop by the well.

Langmeil Winery


The Aurichts are also involved in the agriculture industry. In 1843 Christian plants the very first vines: Shiraz. The vineyard flourishes in the hands of  Theodor – Christian’s grandson, and then, under the management of Theodor’s brother: Arthur. The death of Arthur indicates the end of the prosperous time of Langmeil. The vineyards get sold, exploited, and destroyed.


In 1996 three gentlemen, who have lived in the Valley for a couple of generations: Richard and Carl Lindner, together with Chris Bitter, buy these lands. The buildings and the remains of the village are renewed. And the name of the village, which used to be a home and freedom for Christian’s family: Langmeil, appears on the bottles of the first vintage: 1997.

Langmeil Freedom 1843 Shiraz in a glass

Old Shiraz

One of the vineyards is still particularly precious and important for the new owners, as well as their successors. Old, bent, and twisted bushes, like paralytics. With wrinkled torso, bald, trying to cover their nudity with just a few leaves. It’s Shiraz, planted by Christian. This vineyard is recognized as the world’s oldest one of this grape variety without any grafting onto the rootstock. Grafting the noble grapes onto the resistant rootstocks appeared due to the epidemic of phylloxera, which destroyed a numerous vine field all around the world.


Anyhow, Christian’s twisted and crooked bushes have survived. And they give unique fruits. Full of concentrated and dense juice. If you don’t pay attention during harvest–a dark, almost black grape blood may drip on your fingers… Navy-blue and violet grape bunches are picked up by the hands, slowly and gently squeezed in a traditional wine press–which resembles an old basket–and the juice ferments in an open vat. Respecting the age and class. Then: waiting in a silence until this purple, velvet and rich dress will be finally ready. And piece by piece it will be put in heavy bottles…

Langmeil Freedom 1843 Shiraz

Feeling Freedom 1843

The lucky one is the person who gets to open The Freedom 1843 Barossa Shiraz. You pour it with a little rustle into a decanter, you gently spin it until white air bubbles appear and then you can dive with your nose into this Aladdin’s lamp. Let it breathe and then you can move it into the glass. Next, close your eyes… Touch the wine with your lips, let it wrap around your tongue and fill you up inside… Feel the Freedom…

Excellent wine

I don’t know if I described above the way in which the judges and critics have tasted this wine, but everyone agrees upon one thing – it’s a great and extraordinary wine. In May 2014 it appeared on the list of the prestige Langton’s Classification of Australian Wines and it received an ‘Excellent’ grade, meaning fine wines with a very good position on the world market. Placing a wine in this classification is based on its reputation and the results of auctions. Freedom 1843 can also be found in the guidebook ‘James Halliday Wine Companion’ in which Langmeil Winery has been awarded five red stars as a ‘unique vineyard producing wines of the highest-caliber.’

Langmeil Freedom 1843 Shiraz


Journey to happiness

It is really worth trying this amazing wine. It’s worth being courageous as well. Changing, leaving what destroys and makes us stuck. Embarking on a journey to freedom and happiness. Just like Christian did, leaving the past and start from a scratch. Starting living for real. Doing what you really love. With those who you really love. Opening yourself to the new, extraordinary…

Everything is possible

In 1968 far away, in Australia, the grandson of Christian–Theodor–passed away. In the very same year, in Poland, I was born. Now I’m sitting here in New York and writing about a remarkable wine, which I truly adore and which has been created from the grapes cherished by Theodor. The things happen accordingly to the plan, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the world is full of miracles…

174 years ago Christian planted tiny bushes of grapes on the soil, where he felt the freedom. Today we drink wine from his vineyard enjoying the taste of Freedom – the Liberty of Choice. Everything is possible. Really.



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Title photo: Maciek Cichon