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“All you need is that spark of a dream, to illuminate your ideas, and then the courage to make that first step, and continue your way even though it seems difficult” –Samuel Trepanier


Samuel Trepanier



Samuel was born in Canada in 1987. When he was four years old, his parents introduced him to motocross. It was his first real passion, which, by the way, led him to several injuries and a lot of time spent in hospitals, but he never gave up.


After receiving his high school diploma in International Studies, he began new studies in Aeronautics. During these studies, he worked as a Coast Guard and started his next passion: climbing. In 2008 He started a Mechanical Engineer Degree at the Sherbrooke University and next year he moved to ETS to Montreal. That time he got to know Cloé Legant – a professional fashion stylist, who encouraged him to meet with some agents and his modeling career immediately started. Now he is represented by 9 the strongest world-known agencies and he works in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Spain, Germany and many more places.



Along with his modeling career, Samuel realizes his dreams and racing passion. 


He created his own BLYSK Racing Team and went for the first race in June 2015. He became a Canadian National Champion Runner in an Amateur Superbike, and now he is one of the best racers in the PRO Class of the Canadian National Superbike Championship.



2017 was his 2nd year as a PRO Superbike. He finished that season at 4th place among 53 riders in PRO SBK and realized the impossible. He wrote the history of Superbike racing, establishing a new racing track record. He is now the first ever racer to have raced in the 1:20 seconds at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. He also did two podiums that weekend, finishing with a super strong 2nd position after leading 18 of 20 laps.  


Watch video from that race here



After that, 2018 is a very special year in Samuel’s racing career. He is already preparing himself very hard to be at his maximum and get the #1 plate, along with being extremely busy working as a model and brand ambassador. He also wants to do the final two races in the USA this year, and he’s planning on racing full in the USA in 2019.


Samuel has already got his loyal sponsors and people around, who support him and help him to show that every dream can come true, but going further and planning to achieve new goals brings new needs and expenses. Thankfully, at the same time, it creates new possibilities to represent the sponsors and their brands.



Sponsoring BLYSK Racing is more likely to associate your company with a high-level brand, not only to a racing team. Being a successful top PRO Superbike racer, Samuel is also the face of high-level fashion labels, bringing his experience and exposure to represent BLYSK Racing’s sponsors in various fields and publications. He gives sponsors a direct and personal access to his public image.


He uses his performances and journey as a racer to share a message of inspiration across his social network, and then he applies these positives elements in order to benefit the companies that believe in him.


His ultimate goal is to encourage people to believe in their own potential. No matter what their goals are, everybody has to believe in them and work tirelessly every day to get where we want to be. He’s been a living proof of this, and he has clearly showcased that fundamental principle of life through the various lows and ups he has encountered in his racing career. Having a company logo alongside that motto is surely something very positive for any brand.


Samuel has over 60.000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and his personal website.

His racing news and race reports are shared through a newsletter sent to 1,800 contacts. 

The entire race season is broadcasted on TV by TSN.



As a full of passion, classy gentleman, though very energetic and modern, Samuel is an excellent influencer and brand promoter for any business trying to expand. The most important factor in Samuel’s public presence is his authenticity.


Samuel’s main goal in 2018 is to win as many races as possible to get the #1 plate in the Pro Superbike National series.



We prepared two documents to summarize the entire project quickly. 

The first one is a media kit, where you will find more details about 2017 season, and the general idea of promoting sponsors.

The second document contains various sponsors packages. These are of course general models – a base for bespoke projects and solutions.

Ask for the documents


If you are interested in working and promoting your brand with Samuel and his BLYSK Racing Team, feel free to let me know and I will immediately contact you.