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WAREGENA collection, by Maciek Cichon


Old Prussians’ culture and powerful symbolic Waregena jewelry


Do you remember James Cameron’s film about the blue people from Pandora? Avatar–that’s it!

I’ve just thought about Na’vi, their world, culture, and the ancestral tree, reminding me the Old Prussians.

"Cross Talisman" by WAREGENA jewelry

Who were the Old Prussians?

They were ancient tribes, living about a thousand years ago in a northern part of the contemporary territory of Poland. Very unique tribes in that place. Sometimes they are called “European Native Americans“, all the more genetically they have a lot in common with Native Americans.

"Manhood Symbol" by WAREGENA jewelry


The Old Prussian culture was far more advanced than Slavic one, and fulfilled with Hindu elements–even in the language, based partially on the Sanskrit.

The Prussians were very ethical and moral. They helped each other within the community and take care of poor and disabled members of the tribe.  They had no political structure, the tribes were founded on religious beliefs.

"Solar Circle" by WAREGENA jewelry


They were the only community in that area respecting equalityWomen could be the tribe leaders as well as being knights and going for battles and wars. It was reflected in the Old Prussian jewelry, that inspired WAREGENA Collection. It was prepared and worn both by women and men. The most important thing for the Old Prussians was their “blessed ancestral tree” (the same as for Na’vis on Pandora), talismans and symbols, which you can find today among WAREGENA rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

"Power of Feelings" by WAREGENA jewelry


A thousand years ago, the Old Prussians were one of the richest tribes in all Europe as well as the best sailors and traders in this area. Through their Baltic harbors they dealt with Arabs, Byzantium, Rome and India. Thanks to a trade with the Vikings, they had connections with ancient civilizations from Mexico and Peru. All these influences are very easy to find in their art and jewelry, along with a lot of elements made from amber – there were enormous layers of amber within the Prussian territory.

"Circle of Abundance" by WAREGENA jewelry


All of these led the Prussians to become unconscious enemies for all Europe and the Catholic Church. There was no place for wise, rich, good, and respecting equality tribes among new Christian communities. Under the pretext of fighting with pagans, Pope Gregory called to crusade against the Old Prussians, which grew to the unimaginable holocaust in that area. This crusade is often compared to the “Holy Land” one.

The Old Prussians were exterminated and expelled. Their properties went to the Crusaders. Though some of the Prussians escaped and found  a shelter all over the world. A lot of their descendants became very well-known. One of them was famous Copernicus.

"Circle of Growth" by WAREGENA jewelry


The tribes and their heritage were destroyed, but the culture and positive attitude of the Old Prussians will last forever. Some part of this culture and beliefs you can find in WAREGENA jewelry – in shapes, patterns and Old Prussian names of all the items.



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