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wine, modern art, photography, writing
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I don’t know any person without problems, doubts, bad times. Each of us has his or her questions and needs to talk about them. But sometimes you have nobody to talk, or you just don’t know where to start…


Now you are here. Reading my blog. You see what I think and what I feel. You know me a little bit… Maybe you want to talk with me?


Wine is a good reason to meet. Wine slows our life for a moment. We gain some time. To breathe. To think. To talk.


Fill the glass, relax, take a sip and start your story

Wine glasses
Gmail on a MacBook



Put “By-the-glass” in the subject and write an e-mail to me:


You can be anonymous. If you agree–I will post your letter with my answer on the blog.

If you prefer private messaging–just you and me–tell me your questions, problems, doubts. I will write back to you as fast as I can, and I will give you a price for my next full-length letter. Maybe you will find everything in that letter, maybe someday you will sit with me by-the-glass again?


I will be really happy to help You. Or just to talk with You by the glass.

Nana Marie